Winter Warz 1 Winners Announced

Congratulations to Winter Warz 1 winners and respect to everyone who participated and made it happen! Shout out to Badnewz, Godsoncapo, Alfred, Meanz, Rob MC, JGudda, Lou Niverse, King Zay, DBurna, Seggah, D Wise, Real Ill and anyone I forgot. Additional thanks to Hitman Holla for judging the battles.

1st – Bandman El Mariachi – $100
2nd – Hollaluyah Jonez – $50
3rd – Zulu – $15

Bandman truly dominated the left side of the bracket. Unfortunately there was no final match due to DBurna and Hollaluyah Jonez dropping out. Check out all of Bandman’s battles as he took the title.

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