Undeniable Beast – October 2015 Top Ranked Pro MC

Breaking Lou Niverse’s two-month streak, Verses is pleased to announced that Undeniable Beast is October’s top ranked pro MC. On top of motivating and organizing the app’s first video battle tournament, securing a deal for Lush One to host it, and filming Lush via green screen, Beast was still able to maintain a #1 spot for the month on the app with all freestyle battles. The top 10 pros for October finished out with the following rankings:

01. Undeniable Beast – 1163
02. CVS OG B O S S – 1096
03. 4FIFTH BTK – 1081
04. LOU NIVERSE – 1072
06. SOS D MENTL – 1031
07. Bobby Bangerz – 1030
08. Dat Nigga Tru – 1020
09. Hell Gunzz i187 – 1016

Undeniable Beast has since the app’s beginnings been actively involved in pursuing opportunities for the app and himself via rap battles and shows, and has consistently been an active member of the Verses community for years, as well as a great part of it’s growth and development within mainstream battle rap culture. Undeniable Beast was able to secure a battle with QP on Grind Time for his first official live battle in a league, and has since battled once on Just US TV against African Kevo in a match he took hours before the event as an emergency and freestyled against his unknown opponent to win. To date he has worked with people such as: Rah Digga, Shiekh Louch, Joel Ortiz, Prodigy, Juelz Santana, among many others. His involvement in hiphop goes as far back as 1999, and he has actively been involved in the underground scene since 2002, where he started his professional music career in Orlando, FL.

Beast is an example of what determination and seeking solutions not excuses brings you. Since being on the app, he was incarcerated twice, and came out both times to light fires under battle rap culture all over the country and net within weeks of his releases. From homelessness, jail to the suburbs of Rancho Cucamonga, CA where he currently resides with family after his recent release from prison, Beast continues to test boundaries in battle rap culture and is fighting to accelerate the app, and the professionalism within the business. The Faceoff video battle tournament is just one example. Congratulations Beast, and whether the app turns into all we dream or not, you should rest assured everything that can be done is being done, and you’re a major part of it.

Check out some of his live battles below:

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