SOS DetraMentL – April 2016 Top Ranked Pro MC

Congratulations to SOS DetraMentL on winning his second monthly top ranked pro MC title. This guy has been in the top 10 monthly for basically his whole tenure on Verses MC. Known primarily for his wordplay, he has been an active participant since his first battle. Within a year he has risen to the top and maintained high rank quicker than anyone we have seen. With just over 600 battles and nearly 400 wins, he has aggressively battled the best active battlers on the Verses MC platform. With one of the most unorthodox and unique styles, most top mcs would say with what he lacks in “bar delivery” he matches in “aggressive wordplay” which is key in his wins. One of only 4 MCs to have reached platinum status with over 1 million points, he has a spot in every top 25 category, including #23 lifetime pro rating, #3 in points, #4 in wins, and #4 in voting. Salute!



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