SOS D MentL S0Sycc – November 2015 Top Ranked Pro MC

Congratulations to SOS for being November 2015’s top ranked pro MC. Pretty sure he’s been in the top 10 every month since the monthly rankings started, so salute for finally getting the #1 spot. He had nearly 40 battles this month, with 8 losses to opponents including Lou Niverse, 2Gatz, Bobby Bangerz and God MC. Interestingly enough, he started the month off battling Lush One, who was also the special host and judge for the Faceoff battle rap video tournament, which SOS also participated in, losing in the second round to Oddzmaker. Check out his battles with Lush One below and his Faceoff performance against Oddzmaker.

November 2015 Pro Ratings finished out with the following top 10:

01. SOS D MentL S0sycc – 1200
02. LOU NIVERSE -1171
03. Fross – 1089
04. 2GVT TEAM ANDROID – 1066
05. JokerAKABizzyTJG – 1042
06. Kellz Wordplay Krazy – 1040
07. DT Cold WOLFGANG – 1036
08. JR THE CHOLO CLAN X – 1029
09. God MC – 1019
10. BigDaddyQuick – 1016

SOS vs Lush One Battle 1

SOS vs Lush One Battle 2

SOS vs Lush One Battle 3


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