Self proclaimed Asshole, Diabolic, wants to battle Daylyt

Self proclaimed asshole, Diabolic, has finally dropped his long-awaited second album, Fightin Words, after 4 years. It’s been top selling on UGHH since it dropped. No stranger to the battle scene, it is how Diabolic jump-started his music career. Taking part in the “freestyle-era” of battle rap thanks to battle rap ambassador, Poison Pen, he has had an apparent long beef with today’s battlers in the current state of mainstream battle rap. Even as a Grind Time Now judge he held nothing back and would tell emcees they were garbage.

Most recently Diabolic has started beef with Daylyt and also taken shots at Dizaster. Social media beefing with mainstream battlers is something that he seems to enjoy, but he has yet to make a return to the battling scene. Will Diabolic vs Daylyt become a reality, or is Diabolic just being the asshole that he claims to be and just jealous he missed out on the “money-era” of battle rap? Daylyt responded by posting an old battle between Diabolic and Immortal Technique, both friends, who’s taped battling careers were essentially spitting some verses that ended up on written/released tracks.

Cop Diabolic’s new album if you’re into real underground Hip Hop and support the culture. I’d recommend getting the vinyl. Plenty of features like his first album, including DJ Premier, Snowgoons, Swave Sevah, Celph Titled, R.A. The Rugged Man, Apathy, and more. Check out some of the videos that have dropped so far:

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