Pepper’s Ghost rap battles coming soon?

For those who haven’t seen it, the Fresh Coast Media Group press conference for Cassidy vs Dizaster featured Cassidy as a projected image using the technique called “Pepper’s ghost,” which has often been incorrectly marketed as a hologram. It’s a rather old illusion from the early 1800’s made popular by and named after John Henry Pepper. Alki David owns some licensing to the patents that try to claim rights to the illusion with use of a projector and special foil film screen, however numerous companies have used the technique without licensing, which David has tried to prevent, however lost in court. There is actually a company that sells license free Pepper’s Ghost foil and Google Glass also makes use of the same beam splitter projection technology. The Tupac projection is the only most notable recent projection that was actually licensed through his company Hologram USA. Projections of Michael Jackson and Homer Simpson were both done by other companies using similar techniques. What made little sense, and even ridiculed by Cassidy during the conference, was why Cassidy was being projected instead of showing live in the flesh. Photos have confirmed he was actually live in the building at the conference, just in another room.

Lush One has hinted that projections of previously recorded battles and even dead celebrities will be shown at future events. While the technology might look cool, exploiting the dead certainly isn’t. I know I personally wouldn’t pay to see a projection of a battle. Such battles would have an awkward hearing perception loss for anyone close to the projection as audio would only be coming out of speakers instead of the performer’s own mouth. During the conference, it appeared that Dizaster was even suffering from this loss of hearing perception at times and trying to listen closely to a speaker while Cassidy was talking.

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