KOTD Boss, Organik, Excuses King Fly PPV Actions As Rumors

After King Of The Dot’s King Fly purchased watchbattleslive.com to redirect unsuspecting SMACK/URL fans to purchase KOTD PPV, Massacre, Organik claims it never happened and was just fans, rumors, and controversy in this Fifteen Minutes of Fame Interview. He even tries to get technical and claims it was just “geo tags.” Clearly he just doesn’t want anyone to know the true actions of KOTD and King Fly and the schemes they pull to try and attain traffic and sales for their own pay per view battle rap events.

King Fly has further done his best to try and delete all evidence of this happening, even wasting money on a private domain registration, after already being exposed. Apparently he doesn’t understand that everything on the Internet is forever and there are cached archives. A screen shot of the original WHOIS information is below, which used FilmOn’s address and phone number to further try and hide their identity. Compare the email used in that registration to the kotdtv.com registration and see the connection. Jonjames2000 is a moniker that King Fly has used on dating sites and for a personal Photobucket account.

Is Organik protecting King Fly because King Fly owns all or a majority of the King Of The Dot domain names?

Even other fans saw this redirect happening early on:





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