Money & Shady Business Causes Shotgun Suge To Cancel Battle With Hitman Holla

Rumors spread like wildfire in the battle rap world, often started by fans just to troll. Hitman Holla vs Shotgun Suge was set to go down on Gorilla Warfare’s “The Crown 2” card. After initially being announced, many fans questioned why the battle was even going down on Gorilla Warfare after they had exchanged shots at each other for years on URL, and most recently during URL’s “NOME 5,” hinting at an actual battle for Summer Madness 5.

Fans immediately started claiming Mz Gracie, the woman behind Gorilla Warfare, stole the battle from URL, however that is not the case. According to Hitman Holla, Smack did not want to book the battle, which is inline with Mz Gracie stating she would never try to book or steal a battle another league was booking.

The entire cancellation then spread further rumors by fans that SMACK/URL was behind the cancellation because they wanted the battle, and were going to have the battle at Summer Madness 5 still or at a later event. This has all been unfounded. Hitman Holla confirmed Shotgun Suge backed out on his own:

Today, Shotgun Suge confirmed SMACK/URL had nothing to do with the cancellation. He states his reasoning for dropping out of the battle was essentially due to shady business practices by Mz Gracie and Gorilla Warfare. The dispute appears to be over money. Hitman Holla, who would have had to travel less distance, was being paid 90% more than him.

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