Grind Time Now: Night of Champions Video On Demand

Grind Time Now recently dropped their “Night of Champions” event footage as a video on demand for $9.99. Using YouTube, the videos are currently private and purchasing with a Gmail account will give you access to the videos. This is a different approach than other leagues have tried with using services like UStream that not only take a percentage of revenue, but also may cap connections. Granted, it’s not a live stream, however this is roughly 3 hours of raw footage that you can watch before the battles are officially released. Battles include the following:

PH vs Madness
Freestyle Battle Bonus: MADD ILLZ/QP vs Too Major/RC
Spyder Murphy vs Baesik
Getcha vs PH
Mehsi vs Da-Ranged
TKO vs Ro
Spider J vs Masun
Kaymo vs Too Major
Voss vs Magnificents
Circa vs Cap So G
Tre Don vs Mega 6
I4NI vs Suni Talynt
Max Phryme vs Trini
Smurff vs Blesz
Quest vs Lu Berra (Father vs Son battle)
Joe Blyke vs C.O.M.B.A.T.
Qleva vs Zitro

You can purchase the video on demand here:

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