I Got A New Phone/Device, Do I Have To Repurchase The Pro Version?

If your new device is on the same platform as your old device, then you do not need to repurchase the pro version.

For Google:
Login to Google Play with the same Google account you used for original purchase. You can then download the Pro version again for free.

For Apple:
Goto In-App purchases in the Verses MC main menu. Tap “Restore In-App Purchase” and be sure to login with same iTunes account used for original purchase. Apple will then re-enable Pro features.

If you are switching from Android to Apple or vice versa, unfortunately you will have to purchase the app again for that specific platform. Apple and Google do not share or validate purchase data between platforms.

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I Forgot My Password, How Do I Reset It?

You can reset your password by going to versesmc.com/forgotpass.php and entering the e-mail you used during registration. This will e-mail you a link to change your password. If you do not remember the e-mail address used for registration, you can contact versesmc@gmail.com and a password can manually be changed for you.

If you do not receive an e-mail from the forgot password form, please be sure to check your spam for a message from noreply@versesmc.com

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How Do I Rhyme Over My Own Beats Or A Cappella?

To spit over your own beats simply select our a cappella “beat”. Now battle a cappella or play your own beat from your computer, stereo, other speaker system, or even your phone/tablet. Another option is to turn the volume all the way down if an app beat is playing, however this way will not allow you to play a beat off of your phone/tablet.

The a capella “beat” in app is also a trick feature that lets you spit double the amount of time. Instead of 8 bars, 16, and 24 bars, you get 16, 32, and 48 with extended intros as well.

If using an Apple device on iOS 7, and you want to play your own beats, it is suggested to create a playlist of instrumentals in the iOS music player first. You can then access and play beats from the iOS music player by sliding up the iOS built in bottom toolbar dock and hitting play. You may want to try this out in a rehearsal first with a cappella “beat” selected in app. You must only use the stop/play and next/back buttons of the iOS player to browse/play instrumentals in your playlist. If you tap a track name directly, it will kick you out of the app and open the standard iOS music player. If you do this in the middle of a battle, you will be disconnected. A video tutorial of this will be published soon.

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Why Does My Opponent Time Out Or Disconnect?

The app relies on an Internet connection. If either you or your opponent has connection issues during a battle, the battle will most likely not post and time out. To prevent time outs and disconnects, it is suggested to only use the app on Wifi or a strong cell signal while you are not mobile or traveling. Some users may also purposely disconnect during battle. It is suggested to pre-plan battles with someone on the “Global Board” or through private messaging to prevent network issues.

Sometimes battles may not post immediately due to other network/server issues. If the battle seemed to be complete but is not showing in the app, it will automatically post and show up within 10-20 minutes as long as the battle is complete. There is no manual posting of lost or disconnected battles as they are typically incomplete if not automatically posted in 10-20 minutes.

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How Do I Get Votes?

Some suggested ways for new members to get votes are to post on the “Global Board” and ask other members to listen and vote your battles. If you actively participate in the app and comment on other battles, people will be more willing to listen and vote your battles. Members have also created their own crews, so you may want to join a crew to get your crew members to listen and vote your open battles quicker.

We do not encourage an “I Vote for You, You Vote For Me” system and encourage members to vote honest based on their own opinion of who they thought actually won. Crews and friends should not vote for each other just because they are friends or in the same crew.

The easiest way to get people to vote your battles is to simply have dope bars and entertaining battles where people anticipate wanting to listen to you battle.

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How Many Votes Does It Take To Win A Battle?

Battles close automatically in 5 days when there are 12 or more total votes. After 5 days, battles will close with 5 or more total votes. Whoever has the most votes out of total votes wins. The battle will then move to “Replays” with winner highlighted in bold. If no winner is highlighted, then the battle ended in a tie.

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How Do I See My Rank?

Only the top 25 emcees are shown in the app under “Top 25 Charts” by life time rating, points, wins, and voters.

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How Does The Ranking Work?

The ranking system is based on skill. You move up or down in rank depending on your opponent’s rank and whether you win or lose the battle. It is similar to chess rating systems (Elo rating system). If you battle a lower ranked emcee and win, you will be rewarded with fewer rank points than if you battle a higher ranked emcee and win. If you lose to a lower ranked emcee, you will be deducted more rank points than if you lose to a higher ranked emcee. To move up in rank quickly and create great competition, it is suggested to battle higher ranked emcees as you are rewarded with more rank points if you win and penalized less if you lose.

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Why Don’t My Stats (Wins/Losses/Points) Update?

Stats are only updated when you login. To see your latest stats, logout and back in or restart app.

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How Do I Get Points?

You get points by battling and voting. You get more points when you win a battle. You can start out with extra points and get to Gold or Platinum quicker by purchasing Verses MC Pro.

Points Breakdown

  • 100 points for each vote
  • 500 points for each completed battle
  • 1,000 points for winning a battle
  • 200,000 points for upgrading to Verses MC Pro
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What Are Points for In The App?

Points are used to determine your tier (Unsigned Hype, Gold, and Platinum). All users start out as Unsigned Hype. You attain Gold status when you get 500,000 points and Platinum when you get 1,000,000. You receive 200k bonus points for purchasing the Pro version and to attain Gold/Platinum status quicker. You also receive points for battling and voting. Points may be used for other features in the future, but are currently only used for tiers.

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