Faceoff: Single Elimination Battle Rap Video Tournament Hosted by Lush One

Default@2xVerses Entertainment Group is pleased to announce Faceoff, a single elimination battle rap video tournament hosted by Lush One.

The Verses platform has always been the leader in audio rap battles. For years, even before Verses, we have wanted to also offer mobile video battling, with working prototypes that have not been released due to lack of funding to support such technology long term. We have opened the doors to numerous battle rap emcees to take their artform to the next level. We have paid thousands to not only keep our services running, but to also try and launch the careers of our talented base of artists, with nothing to gain in return. Numerous emcees have successfully transitioned to various live battle leagues thanks to our platform.

We have always believed in our platform, which has stood the test of time, but understand that it is also time for change. We want to release prototype video battling features, but need to know that there is enough interest to do so. This is your chance to show us that you believe in our platform and that there is interest in mobile video battling. If we feel there is enough interest, we will launch video battling within our platform.

Like all past tournaments, all entry fees received will be paid directly back to the top finishing emcees as prize money, with additional prizes such as clothing and CD printing available. Entry is $25. All battle footage will be edited to feature Lush One as host, who will also be a judge. Download the app and tap tournament to enter and read official rules and format.


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  2. Sophie

    This app needs more uk emcees like SKAREM STIFF ..he wants to promote this verses app in the uk and try to make it more global (English language) Or would it be easier to just create a new app because don’t flop don’t seem to be

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