Cassidy vs Dizaster – Waste of Money or Fake Hype?

There are rumors that Cassidy will be battling Dizaster. Until I hear Cassidy announce it himself, I won’t believe any of it for the following reasons:

1) Dizaster has not publicly and sincerely apologized to Math Hoffa, nor paid KOTD the $2,500 fine for punching him at BOLA 5. There are rumors that the battle will happen on KOTD’s Fresh Coast division. If so, then the Dizaster ban was never real. Lush One has also hinted that Fresh Coast is no longer a KOTD division and operating under the name “Fresh Coast Media Group”, with recent partnership from FilmOn. According to this article (, FilmOn was recently fined $90k for contempt and infringing the rights of content owners by streaming unlicensed content through their services. The partnership itself seems a bit absurd and I question it’s legitimacy in furthering battle rap as it’s operated by the same guy (Alki David) trying to sue Fox for using a hologram of Homer Simpson. For all anyone knows, Lush One made a deal with Satan himself…one that could totally kill Fresh Coast if he didn’t read the fine print.

2) Cassidy has refused previous offers of $40k and has made statements that he would not battle anyone of a lesser caliber than himself, while considering everyone in leagues such as URL, amateurs. Cassidy came from the freestyle era and I wouldn’t consider him a battle rapper. Sure he’s had some diss tracks, but they are not the type of bars that would win a URL battle.

3) Cassidy has claimed he was recently offered $250k to battle. Anyone throwing that kind of a money at a battle is just burning it. An absurd amount of money is the only thing that could potentially get Cassidy to battle, however, who is stupid enough to offer it? Alki David?

4) Battle rap is known for rumors and trolling, typically started by coke fiends with delusions of grandeur.

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