Verses MC is the world’s largest and most respected mobile platform and social network for battle rappers. Battle rap anyone in the world, anywhere, anytime!

Our mission is to provide battle rap and freestyle emcees a platform to showcase their talents to the world while remaining true to battle rap and hip hop culture. Created by a hip hop head, for hip hop heads, we are not corporate-funded and not just a gimmick. We truly love hip hop and battle rap. Verses provides the opportunity to battle rap and freestyle on a worldwide scale from anywhere. Our overall mission is to provide larger opportunities in the hip hop and battle rap industry to those who are truly dedicated and gifted with talent.

We are currently using Verses MC to find new, undiscovered talent, and providing emcees with opportunities to perform live. With over $5k in cash prizes paid for battling in tournaments on the app, we have also made it a reality to get discovered off the app and participate in live taped leagues! We have previously partnered with as well as directly supported leagues such as Grind Time Now and Assault & Battling. Emcees from the app have also battled on numerous leagues including Grind Time Now, Assault & Battling, Spittaz League, Pit Fights, Power & Respect, Southern Rap League, Crown of The South, iBattle Worldwide, ENJ Battlegrounds, We Go Hard, LA Battle Groundz, our own Verses MC league, and more.

Endorsed by SMACK/URL battle rapper, Hitman Holla, Verses MC is the leading battle rap social network and mobile battle rap league available on iOS and Android devices. Over 50k MCs in over 190 countries and growing strong! We are the future of battle rap.